Typepad vs. MovableType

After playing and posting with the wonderful TypePad for a month now, I decided to end my trial membership. This has nothing to do with TypePad not being good, in fact, it is brilliant. I strongly recommend it over any other hosted blog software because of its ease-of-use, great design and overall feel. If you don’t want to mess with your server (or if you don’t have one), go for TypePad!

I went back to MovableType simply because it doesn’t cost anything. And after all it’s from Six Apart as well. I tried TypePad because I felt that it could make sense to spend some Euros a month while saving a lot of time, but I found out that by installing and modifying MovableType (something that I’ve done the third time by now) I learn so much that it’s worth the time. And: MovableType *is* more flexible than TypePad, which never got out there to be too highly configurable in the first place.

I guess in the end it was a fight between my „support great people with a great product by making them successful with their service“-side and my „I’d rather spend a night trying to figure this out if it makes me save some Euros“-side. The later won. And I’ll donate some money to MT to save my soul, though.

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