Speed Blogging

If anyone cares, he or she will have noticed that SPREEBLICK hasn’t been updated for a long time. For any working person over the age of 28 it is easy to see why that is (after all, blogs are hugely popular amongst young people – they’ve got enough time!).

I am still in the process of burying my former company DEFCOM which went bancrupt after a very nasty and stressful story (namely a client who thought it is very clever to not pay for our work). At the same time, I am starting a new business, trying to get some free time for the family, preparing two new projects and so on. The time left for other passions like writing, playing and… well you know… is not enough.

It’ll get better. Then again, I thought so last year.

Imagine – for now – SPREEBLICK as one of your best friends. When they finally call, don’t complain about them not having called for so long. Instead, be happy that they called after all.

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