Panic strikes again

I just love the guys at Panic, they seem to be one of the nicest, friendliest and coolest Mac software companies around and they gave us the best Mac OS X ftp client, Transmit (and after all, Steven Frank, one of Panic’s founders, still writes code for the Newton).

But I must say that I am pretty unimpressed by their latest code child that is wonderfully named Stattoo.

Stattoo puts information like the local weather, your new mails or your hard drive usage onto your desktop (it „tattoos“ it there). Which is nice. But pretty useless if I can’t even click the latest mail subject in Stattoo to open it in mail.app, for example. Also, there’s very few ways to modify the display of my stattoos (size, for example, would be a nice feature since all stattoos don’t fit my screen width and as far as I can tell Stattoo doesn’t use dynamic scaling like the Dock does).

So for now I need to say that the amazing Konfabulator does a much better job at keeping information on your desktop because it is highly configurable and you can move the little thingies they call widgets wherever you want them (in Stattoo, they’re stuck in a row). Also, Konfabulator has a large developer crowd by now so your choices of widgets are endless.

But I know the guys at Panic aren’t dumb. This might be just the start for Stattoo and they might have something up their sleeves. For now, I won’t use Stattoo, but who knows…

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