Pitch Invasion: Rückblick über die vergangenen Europameisterschaften – Frankreich 1960
We hail the European Championships as a major tournament these days, but that hasn’t always been the case. In this series, we’ll look at each tournament held since it began in 1960, covering one roughly every two weeks until we get to Euro 2008 next June. As usual on Pitch Invasion, we’ll look at events off the field as well as on it, with politics and hooliganism intervening all too often. But we’ll also encounter some fantastic football and remember some great moments. (via)

Hudsonia – The Wisdom of Ray Hudson
Ray Hudson is a football/soccer commentator for GolTV with a unique ability to coin phrases that defy both logic and belief. This blog is inspired by the awesome enthusiasm he brings to the game and his quest to ‚invent a new language in English‘. (via)

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