Zombie, Frankenstein, Dracula or Jesus Christ? Diagram, NSFC (not safe for christians)

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    Der Tag „Unfug“ trifft es schon sehr gut. Danke.

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    Ha! Nicht schlecht! Passt :)

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    omg xD made my day!

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    Ich will ja nicht den Spass verderben, der ja außerdem gar nicht von hier kommt, aber… ist Drakula nicht auch „resurrected from the dead“?

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    Hm das kommt wohl auf den Vampirmythos an, in manchen werden die ja direkt umgewandelt und sterben nicht richtig, aber untot sind sie eigentlich immer. Andererseits werden sie ja noch zeit ihres Lebens zu Vampiren gemacht, während Zombies und Frankenstein ja wirklich wiederauferstanden Tote sind. Andererseits gilt das mit den zu Lebzeiten infizierten Menschen ja uach für manhce Zombies. Hm kompliziert.

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    Ich, ich, ich weiß auch was: Frankenstein hat nur Leben erschaffen, war aber selbst ein ganz normaler Mensch. Da ist sicher Frankensteins Monster gemeint. Wenn man Dracula und Frankenstein austauscht macht es eher Sinn. Zu Jesus kann ich nichts sagen, kenne den Film nicht.

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    die passion christi heißt der glaube ich

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    peter h aus b


    War das nicht “ Das Leben des Brian“?

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    Genial! Hab mir erlaubt, das Bild mit einem Verweis auf die Quelle auf thinkatheist.com zu posten.

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    Solche Jesus-Witze waren mal nötig. Mittlerweile sind sie – zumindest bei uns – abgedroschen. Aber an Mohammed trauen sich die meisten ja nicht heran. Ist auch besser so, weil sie den Islam oft kaum kennen. Aber wer kennt unter den Nicht-Christen heute schon noch hinreichend das Christentum? Denn ich habe nichts gegen Witze über Jesus. Die muss auch jeder Gläubige ertragen können. Doch sollten sie ein gewisses Maß an Intelligenz aufweisen. Der obige – sorry! – ist billig.

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    Frankenstein was the name of the Doctor not the monster, the monster had no name and is simply known as Frankenstein’s monster.
    That aside, it is funny. sorta.

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    Hui, also ich check das hier gerade gar nicht ab und dabei habe ich mich vor kurzem noch so gefreut, weil mein Gehirn bei Brain Buddies bei Facebook um die 4000 Gramm betrug. hehe :-)

    Ohje, nun gehts flöten das Selbstvertrauen. gg

    Ne Spass, toller Artikel. Mal was anderes. :-)

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    Typical anti-religion intolerance.

    Why do you fear something you claim does not exist?

    I actually pity those who think that their horrible pitiful little lives here on earth is all there is……. I am glad I believe there is more to it than that. They are happy in their self-deluded and self proclaimed enlightenment and I am happy to believe in a higher power called God!

    I find no need to seek out and deride them for their beliefs or lack of beliefs, so why do they need to post this intolerent and hateful crap. I must be the better person with the better beliefs and ideals.

    BTW I found this on Stumble, I pressed a random button.

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    BTW atheists and those who reject God have killed more than those who have used religion as their excuse.

    Mao, Stalin and Hitler killed millions. While faux christians killed 100s of thousands.

    Don’t fear those who follow a religion, fear those who reject religion!

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    @#736281: @#736285: Relax. I secretly suspect the whole thing isn’t meant to be taken too serious.

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    @#736285: Hitler was a catholic christian and used god often to justify what he did. And Stalin did nothing in the „name of atheism“.

    Inquisition: Up to 10 millions dead
    Crusades: Again millions killed
    Heathen: tens of thousands killed
    Witches: About 40’000 victims
    Gaza: thousands killed
    Terrorism: again thens of thousands.

    And a lot more. And those people all died because of religion.

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    @#736306: Sorry, dass ich mich jetzt in deutsch einmischen muss (mein Englisch wäre für derartiges einfach zu riskant): Aber Hitler tötete keinesfalls im Namen der Kirche oder bzw. im Namen des Gottes der Kirche. Er sprach – so weit ich weiß – immer nur von einer „Vorhersehung“, „der Fügung“ (in diesem Sinne sprach er vielleicht von seiner Vorstellung von Gott) – und tötete aber im Namen seiner „eigenen“ Ideologie (oder bzw. derer er anhing) – und die hatte rein gar nichts mit christlichen Maßstäben zu tun, sondern stand diesen konträr gegenüber. Richtig ist, dass er nicht im Namen des Atheismus tötete. Aber das Ganze dahingehend zu drehen, dass es nach deiner Darstellung fast so aussieht, als habe er im Namen seiner formellen Zugehörigkeit zur katholischen Kirche gehandelt – ist in meinen Augen grob fahrlässig und kann für viele (katholische) Christen sehr beleidigend sein.

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    @#736386: Meinst du Steve, Fabian, mich, alles?

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    @#736405: Im Grunde alle, die aus einem albernen Bild eine Weltanschauungsdiskussion machen wollen.

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    Steve: Hitler was Catholic, using religion as it was convenient for him (like every other Christian I’ve ever met – what a coincidence), and was never excommunicated for what he did. Also, you don’t have to be atheist to find this funny. Get the stick out of your ass. Jesus has a sense of humor, too.

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    Amen Chelsey!

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    It is just a joke you guys.. it is meant to be laughed at not to attack people. Some people really need to lighten up.

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    „Why do you fear something you claim does not exist?“

    I(an atheist) don’t, Christians do. What I fear is a man who is so full of hate worshiping what is supposed to be a private and peaceful god that he chooses to harm others. If Jesus was around now do you think he would support this man blowing up an abortion clinic, or starting wars in the middle east, or torturing people for not believing what he believes, or denying people health care because taxes would go up if we had a public option. Whatever happened to loving your enemy? Do you love me Steve? The truth is cold and it IS scary but once you embrace it, once you realize how logical it is, you’ll never look back. Do you want to know what real intolerance is? Its men and women who are homosexuals being spit on for feeling a certain way. Or atheists being stoned to death for no reason in particular at all. THAT is hate, THIS is a parody…learn the difference.

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    Yea, Frankenstein wasn’t really brought from the dead, but I suppose the people did revere him…and perhaps he was feared as well. Dr. Frank was very well liked before he went insane, then feared. :)

    My problem comes mostly from how they attempt to use two proper nouns (Frank and Drac) but just „zombie“ on that side. Why not find a famous zombie name…or at least change Drac to „vampire“ and Frank to some other beast’s name (I’m drawing a blank)?

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    Fail, Vampires were also raised from the dead.

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    Steve: Thank you for Lying for Jesus(TM). You will get many PearlyGate Points(TM) for this. Hell, I might even let you in.

    On one condition: As long as you don’t think about dicks. Don’t do that. I mean, don’t go there. I’ll let you in if you don’t think about shiny, oily, erected dicks EVER again in your life.

    Ah, gotcha. Pearly Gate Points retracted.

    Best regards, St.Pete.

    PS: Heh, this really is too easy. You mortals are so predictable.

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    The joke put across is subtly funny, but kind of old.

    The religion person who took it like a smack in the face, come on. This is the internet. If this is the worst you have seen, then I advise you not go any further.

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    I agree with Aaron (see above). Instead of waving statistics around it is better to be look for the ethical contradictions in religion. For example, the way people act versus what they say they believe. I as a christian revere Jesus and get downcast when he is poorly represented. Call me sensitive, but I feel the same way about people who wave him around, claiming superiority. I like Aaron’s point of view because it is true that people are ruining christianity through their closed minded behavior. I wish more people like Aaron could be christian, it would improve the world.

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    Der Juden

    I bet some Jew made this. They HATE Jesus Christ.

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    @Steve: My life is awesome. I’m fine with it being all there is. Sorry your life sucks so much bro. Also, pretty sure in the course of history religious intolerance from ALL religions (they’re all pretty much the same anyway) has caused more death than the more recent( barring traditional buddhism as there is no god in it) advent of atheistic philosophies

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    Steve – Who’s being intolerant?

    Not everyone believes in the same myths as you.

    Deal with it.

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    The Reunion

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    Dracula has been miraculously resurrected from the dead many a time. That must mean…

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    I have to say, that’s hilarious!


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    hmmmm is this the right moment to do the cliche pointing out that its not frankenstein but FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER?

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    that“™s hilarious! of course Jesus

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    Nunuv Yerbiznezz

    „BTW atheists and those who reject God have killed more than those who have used religion as their excuse.“

    Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and other despots also suppressed organized naturism. Therefore, anybody who opposes social nudity is evil.

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    I like this post as it brilliantly questions our contradictory ways of thinking/logics, however offending millions is also not the correct way to communicate, rather it distracts people to focus from the main message behind; too paradoxical presentation,,,,,


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    Jim Spahr

    God protect me from your believers.

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    No, Fabien, they all died because of politics. Lunatics in False religion (predicted by scripture) form alliances with lunatics in politics and gobs of pretty much innocent die.

    Oddly enough, only the merchants make out. But they usually make out no matter which side ‚wins‘. War is a way for the foolish to underwrite the greed of the evil … always has been.

    True religion refuses to pick up a weapon except in self-defense or in the defense of family & neighbors. It doesn’t pretend that slaughtering people thousands of miles away = defense.

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    I don’t see how saying „true religion refuses to pick up a weapon“ shows and specific point religion poses. I am atheist and I believe this as well, I just don’t need a magical person to tell me to act this way. Religious followers would act the same way if they were atheist and this is the true motive of humanity. Don’t take the blame for yourself blame it on your god, continue life without a single damn lesson being learned or payed for.

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    Jesus is not the fuckhead in this christianity messup. Jesus was the man. The problem was that men in power later on (after his death) made a fucking adventure of this man that I honestly think was a ordinary good noble man – but I don’t think he was a „magican“ as the bible is projecting him. Christianity is the evil here – not Jesus – they sold his spirit through their concept – the fucking sold his pure soul so they could gain power of the people. People who don’t get this today – in 2010 is mindless.

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    Phil E. Drifter

    Steve: BULLSHIT.

    ps: there is no god. get over it. EVOLVE.

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    steve, its because simpletons like you fall for this crap that churches try to sell you that things like this are posted. its not hateful whatsoever, you just cant handle the truth that god IS IMAGINARY; just like santa and the damn toothfairy. there is nothing wrong with believing in a higher power or flow of karma, but to try to give it a name such as god (which by the way is the most generic name for any deity in the history of man) and embodiment is foolish. especially when you believe in a fictional book known as the bible.

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    yea, steve, the bible says only to fear God, so if you think atheists are afraid then maybe they’re being better Christians than you even are. Don’t say you’re better than anybody, that’s arrogant, you need to loose your ego, man. and the only thing Atheists kill are themselves, and that’s something you should be working on.

    Jesus Christ was feared and revered by townspeople, he did convert mindless followers, and he was ressurected from the dead.

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    Question: What is christianity?

    Answer: It is the belief that a two-thousand-year-old jewish zombie
    can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh
    and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master,
    so he can remove an evil force from your soul
    that is present in humanity
    because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake
    to eat an apple off a magical tree in a wonderland.

    Frage: Was ist Christentum?

    Antwort: Es ist der Glaube, dass ein zweitausend Jahre alter, jüdischer Zombie
    Dich für immer lebend machen kann, wenn Du symbolisch sein Fleisch isst
    und telepathisch ihm sagst, dass Du ihn als Deinen Meister akzeptierst,
    damit er eine böse Kraft von Deiner Seele entfernen kann,
    die in der Menschheit gegenwärtig ist,
    weil eine Rippen-Frau von einer sprechenden Schlange überzeugt wurde,
    von einem Apfel eines magischen Baumes in einem Wunderland zu essen.


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    Milo Balls

    Wow been a long time since I’ve seen so many people feed the troll at one time…he must be stuffed…couldn’t even finish one more bite. Not even a thin mint.

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    I’m a Christian and I loved this. And I’m pretty sure Jesus would’ve had a good laugh too.

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    Lay off Steve, he’s just pointing out that making fun of Christians really gets old quickly. Particularly associating every idiot who proclaims to be one with what the religion actually stands for (which is basically chill out and be groovy.)

    On that note, why isn’t there as much of a response to people who hate Christians as there is to people who hate Jews? Or Muslims? Or Hindus? Or what-have-yous? Since when is it kosher to hate on a particular group of people, regardless of what you may think of them?

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    Random Person

    I appreciate the humor. But Jesus has historical evidence backing everything that people claim about him. Do some research before tearing other people’s ideals apart; its just not nice.

    Jesus loves you!
    God wants everyone to be happy!
    peace, love, yay!

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    ja, funny ist es…das ist aber auch alles was es ist

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    Sweet Zombie Jesus!

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    uhh I want to say, that one person made a religious comment. Naw, it wasn’t really nice, but as someone earlier said, „This is the internet. If this is the worst you have seen, then I advise you not go any further.“ Honestly, the array of comments after his were all 10 times more harsh and more judgmental.

    Fabian, check some of your statistics.

    And I think many times people need to lighten up. Trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of atheists (and any other possible group that could possibly be made fun of for something) get ultra sensitive at a joke. I’ve also seen jokes, people agreeing with how true the joke is how ridiculous that group of people is.. someone from that group of people getting defensive.. and then everyone getting mad at him for taking ‚just a joke‘ too seriously… hmm.. seems familiar..

    And a joke can be funny, but do realize that there are many times when jokes are funny.. but seriously do put a very biased slant on the situation, and many people DO take that bias as absolute reality and fact.

    So when I see someone being defensive about an online joke, instead of joining in with him and acting like an 8 year old who has no self-restraint.. I usually just click to the next page. Half the time they’re trolls anyway.

    All in all, everyone needs to get over it. How hard would it be to realize that complaining won’t help, so just leave the site… and how hard would it be to, at the VERY MOST, just say… Sorry man, it was just a joke, I’m sorry if you’re offended, I really do just take as light humor and nothing more. ..?

    Apparently that’s just a little too grownup for many people ;)

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    Blinn Combs

    @#736118: Gar nicht! Er ist der lebendige Tot, aber vor war er nur lebendig. Nie war er einfach tot.

  58. 58

    Religion is like a penis

    Its cool that you have one

    but its not cool to wave it around everywhere every chance you’ve got

    and its really not cool if you decide to shove it down my kids throat…….

    This is meant as a joke, if you don’t like it, go away, but there is absolutely no reason to get up on your high horse

  59. 59

    And strangely enough Christ came before all of these. It’s a silly pun, but only a child would take this seriously.

  60. 60

    I think this is less safe for churches than Christians.

  61. 61

    Steve, you are a dumbass. That is all.