Since I don’t have time for friends in real life anyway, I smilingly agreed to join orkut, one of those social networking systems that keep popping up on the net, when Tim invited me.

As Tim notes correctly in his blog, we can be happy that the inventor of orkut, Mr. Orkut Buyukkokten chose to name the service after his first name… I still find it hard to remember it *this* way.

So far I „met“ some people from the CCC that I haven’t seen in a while (including Tim, mastermind of blinkenlights and a very special person that I like a lot but meet probably only every year or even less), but I didn’t really get what it is for yet apart from sending people you haven’t seen in a long time annoying invitations.

The system says „You are connected to 35029†people through 3†friends“ which scares me a little and fuels my paranoia, and apart from the usual and not very innovative forums, there’s not much communication amongst those 35029 people that I’m connected to. We’ll see. If nothing else, it’s a great time waster.

My NYC friend Charles rejected my invititation to orkut and he knows why:

„I know this sounds insane, but I’m too paranoid to put my social life online, too. They’re all out plotting against me… see?? selrahC“

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