iTunes song rating

Today’s release of iTunes 4.5 with some cool new features brought me to a new blog called Mac Move.

Mac Move’s author Mike Fletcher writes about a web site making use of the iTunes song rating feature which I, too, found pretty useless up to now. The system, build by students of the University of Illinois, uses your personal song ratings on your computer to recommend new songs to you. It’s supposed to work pretty good but I still need to try it. I’ll let you know.

Another site called movielens has a similar approach to – you guessed it – movies.

Btw, I am pretty sure that the new iTunes video features (check the store for music videos and movie trailers, yes, even from germany) point to a very close iPod update. I expect to see a video iPod that connects directly to your TV set to show your movies and pictures this summer.

And of course, I’m still hoping for a new Apple PDA, at least as cool and good as this.

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