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Jon Marthaler bloggt von St. Paul/Minnesota aus über die WM.
Randgruppenhumor at its best

Jan Koller. He may be the only ogre to play in this World Cup. He’s about six foot ten and 275 pounds. He looks like he belongs in a Disney animated film, as part of a two-man bumbling team, along with a short, chubby, balding, wisecracking sidekick. Put him and Danny Devito together, you’ve got a sitcom.

It helps, of course, when Paolo Wanchope is allowed to be offside. Nevertheless, it’s the same damn German right back(!A.F!) who’s lollygagging five yards behind everyone else. Germany has now allowed two scoring chances and Wanchope has scored on both. This is the worst defensive strategy I’ve ever seen.

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    …sehr schöner blog aus einem land, wo eigentlich nur frauen und college-bübchen (fachjargon: sissies) fussball (also echten fussball, nicht dieses anabol-steroide rasenschach mit teilzeit-verwurstung des gegners) spielen…gut geschrieben, mit netten aussenansichten…both thumbs up, bro…