Appetite for Self-Destruction

(on the occasion of the hangover prior to the first day of a new job)

winona ryder

Stealing and shouting and inciting violence as children do, to try to impress each other. Vandalizing and cursing and self-poisoning, as older children do to try to impress each other. Hearkening back to a venomous existence which still demands affirmation. A slap on the back of the head when marriage, promotion, or any bounty of straight life threatens to raise your nose too high. The affronting bounty left either better loved or a fresh victim. Gratuitous risk, a flirtation with fate. Stupid. Unnecessary. A neurotic trial both self-inflicted and (hopefully) self-judged.

„Finally, despite my good manners and fine speech, I frequent sailors“™ bars in the Zeedijk. Come on, give up. My profession is double, that“™s all, like the human being. I have already told you, I am a judge-penitent.“
Albert Camus, The Fall

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  1. 01

    The short ones don’t make things easier, Charles. :)

  2. 02

    oh, THANK GOD! I thought I’m the only soul who didn’t understand what this article is all about. ;)

  3. 03

    And still Johnny lets me keep publishing this crap… :-D

  4. 04

    Well I guess I can see where you are coming from. It is sad that we just can’t live side a side without hurting each other. People will always look for acceptance and do anything and everything too be accepted and a part of the „crowd“

    Yes it is kind of Selfdestruction. And it is just human nature to try to impresse others. It’s always nice to get a pat on your shoulder, isn’t it?

    We do it for different reasons, but almost everybody is looking for acceptance in what people do. If it is by buying $10 000 shoes, beating the crap out of each other, marrying a billionair or what frickin hell ever…