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origami hero

After the Christmastime flood of game console hype, maybe it’s time to consider the true meaning of gaming. Is it just about polygon count, clock speed, and onboard memory? Are hyper-real gore and pulse-pounding explosions the only things that can turn us on anymore? The obvious answer is, „Well… Duh?“, but after the simple, retro pleasures of an Origami Hero creation, you might remember that there’s something more to it.

(And like the unconcerned bliss of being ten years old, it’s FREE.)

Bonus Link:
NYC bids farewell to a real asshole.

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  1. 01

    Tja, was spiel ich seit Wochen wieder regelmäßig?
    >>NES – Mario World…

    >>Weil mich die vielfältigen Ideen, das zwar kindgerechte, aber nichtsdestotrotz mit viel Witz gestaltete Setting und der absolute Anspruch an jedermann reizen und fordern.

    Was macht ein gutes Spiel demnach aus?
    >>Jeder kann sich damit beschäftigen, egal ob Profi (speeddemos, pointcollectors, etc.) oder Anfänger.
    >>Man kann es mehrmals spielen, ohne dass es an Reiz groß verliert. Manch Spiel gewinnt sogar beim Wiederspielen noch an Wert.
    >>Es läuft auf jeder Kiste (man möge die Konsolen hier ausnehmen)

    edit: Warum fängt mein Firefox an zu spinnen, wenn ich in Kommentaren die Zeichen < < (ohne Leerzeichen dazwischen) benutze? Script stoppen kommt als Angebot vom FF... *grübel*

  2. 02

    NES – Mario World? Kann ja garnicht sein. Es gibt höchstens Super Mario World für’s SNES ;-)

  3. 03

    Ups, du hast natürlich völlig Recht :)

    Ich nutze eh nur den Emulator meiner Mitbewohnerin… völliges Retro isses also eh nicht ;)

  4. 04

    Ich auch. Also nicht den Deiner Mitbewohnerin, sondern meinen eigenen. Retro genug, auch wenn mein Gamepad ziemlich saugt.

  5. 05

    What an asshole, what a hero, what a real American he was and still is.
    Spider Jerusalem would’ve associated him with the America of the Beast, just another bastard with some amount of power; begs the question whether the job screwed him up or if he was like that from the get go.

    On another note: bollocks to retro anything, we don’t feel anything anymore, we jerk off over japanese tentacle porn and ‚teens‘ with braces, we stopped feeling anything a long time ago.
    That includes games, life, love, beer and politics.

    While we’re at it, of course it’s nice to have normal sex again, she’s lying on her back, you’re done after a few minutes and all is well and you hug and cuddle a lot afterwards.
    But somehow it feels weird to unpervert yourself.

    Ah crap, i should hit the sack.
    ‚til next time.

    ps: how do you feel about writing a ‚letter‘ for the Faraway Letters, topic’s your choice ?
    If you care to do it send me an email.

  6. 06

    According to this article, he learned his trade at Riker’s Island as a prison guard. Society sometimes finds uses for assholes like this, but they should be kept far away from ‚civilians‘. I don’t blame the man so much as the mayor for giving him any peacetime authority.

    mmmm… tentacle porn!

  7. 07

    It’s not even funny to see dull stereoytpes being reflected by actual people; when I see Smolka all I can think of is white anger directed at anyone who is in some way or another a deviant and the Republican nightmare the states turned into over the past 5 years.

    I’d like to live in NYC because I’d hate it there.

  8. 08

    Just watch Taxi Driver over and over: you get the same effect and it’s a lot cheaper than living here.

  9. 09

    I’d like to take the bus ticket straight to hell every single day, so I just might do that one day.

    On another note: it’s a lot cheaper to pay a woman to spread her legs than to be married to her.
    Well, either way you still pay her for sex.

    Taxi Driver emulates living in NYC ?

  10. 10

    Oh mann, ich bin durch Mario durch… Wie geil ist denn diese Neonreklame an Bowsers Hütte denn bitte :D

  11. 11

    > Taxi Driver emulates living in NYC ?

    Not really, but it’s what you actually want, I think. The Woody Allen and „Sex and the City“ versions would drive you nuts.

  12. 12

    Oh yes, Woody Allen. Allen’s movies are all about him having a well- payed job and his troubles with women.
    We all feel for him, because we can relate to his troubles with women.. his always remarkably intelligent and beautiful women.. we can all relate to his troubles.. at the very least we all wish we had his troubles.

    Sex and the City ? Stab me in the jaw.
    I’m done with this campari- flavored candy- world of theirs, i’m done with female folk talking about the lives they will never experience and i am done with television altogether.

    Hold on.

    For some reason or another people started to stop watching the telly from 2006 on and the numbers are sort of growing.
    It’s not some kind of revolution, there’s no raised fists and screams of outrage coming from people who finally realized that they have been bullshitted most of their time, no, it’s more like a silent thing triggered by absolute boredom and the option to finally watch what people really want to see, both due to the internet and cheap dvds making this possible in the first place.

    If i wish to see Taxi Driver i can do so now, anytime i want.

    Or maybe i am just mistaken since my brain has been fried for years by cheap ‚entertainment‘ and violent cartoons and talk shows and documentation shows about bowel movements and cervical cancer and the wonders of decomposition, fried to that extent that i am bound to believe that television wasn’t always that bad.

    Maybe, just maybe, one needs to be and stay dumb enough to be able to thoroughly enjoy our very own monoculture and some people just stopped being that way because now they have alternatives.

    Or i’ve just completely lost touch with reality due to booze.