Ronaldo Action-Figur


„He runs, he dribbles, he collapses…“

Video nach dem Klick:


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    sehr schön :)

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  3. 03

    unique uppy downy action!

  4. 04

    he runs? habe ich ja nicht beobachten können.

    schön wäre ja auch eine zidane-actionfigur.

  5. 05

    die ist ja wohl schon geplant

  6. 06

    nett, give head!

  7. 07

    zidane is the frensch football legend figure

  8. 08

    Dazu müsste nur noch Coldplay im Hintergrund laufen – immer schön weinerlich…

  9. 09

    Vão pró caralho seus filhos da puta?
    Ronaldo é o maior, vocês têm é inveja!

  10. 10


    That is pretty cool, can it dive like the little cheating wanker. Just teasing, who do you think he will join, i can’t see him satying at manutd.

  11. 11


    Just sent this around the office here

  12. 12

    He is fantastic and U all know it…

    Don´t be stupid and admit he is great, whatever he does…

    And he is pretty nice too.