Plonk.S01E03 This.Will.Destroy.You

Diese Woche plonken sich die Texaner von This Will Destroy You durch 15 Blätter Gedankenverknotungen. Sie machen instrumentalen Postrock und sind Meister der ganz großen laut leise Kurven. Und auch das Interview lässt eine solche Dynamik nicht ganz vermissen. Viel Spaß damit.

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Who is who. Please mark your name and briefly introduce yourself: Name, instrument.

How are you? Put your current facial expressions in the circles.

Connect the dots.

„… a cyclops or something“

Setup your band’s game character. Fill 0 to 5 stars to define your skill set.

„Anger, … we’re angry people. But we laugh a lot.“

Describe your music. Define ratios.

„Oh, man, these pie charts are getting complex!“


What’s the deepest driver for your art? Mark, cross or add pills.

This mountain is a song. Describe the main base camps on creating a new song. Draw a line for your route.

Connect relating phrases.

„Harmony on the sea … before it runs into this tree that destroys the meaning of you … and your aura will be detailed through the fog.“
„That one was easy!“

Your are god and have one spare item of TRUTH, MONEY, LOVE each. Where on earth would you put it? Draw arrows.

How does your ideal world look like? Your are in the control center now.

„You picked two twisted motherfuckers to take control over the world. Okay …“

Ups and Downs. Tell us the story of your collaboration. Draw a line.

You have to loose one of the following senses and you are “lucky” to choose. Which one?

Check boxes, create a drum beat!

Create a random melody! Check boxes.

„I’ve never seen anything like this …“

Thank you!

5 Kommentare

  1. 01

    coole interview-idee, hab ich noch nie in dieser form gesehen.
    gute band auch, live ein erlebnis, eine der besseren postrockbands!

  2. 02

    Immer noch toll. Mehr! Mehr! Täglich mehr!

  3. 03

    @#774861: Danke. Zwei Episoden gibt’s noch! … zumindest für Staffel #1 :)