Leute, die tolle Sachen im Netz machen: Hendrik Jasnoch

one week one band

One Week // One Band, so heißt das Tumblr-Blog, das Hendrik Jasnoch ins Leben gerufen hat und so beschreibt:

Every week, one trusted music aficionado (read: a good friend who just can’t say no) takes over the site and showcases one band he or she feels particularly passionate about. Any artist from any country or decade will do – no rules and no canon.

Einmal die Woche liefert also jemand Inhalte über eine ihm oder ihr besonders wichtige Band, und dabei hat sich in den vergangenen drei Jahren eine hübsche Liste angesammelt. Und noch toller ist es, dass es von Rose Lewis eine ganze Serie über „The Clash and women“ gibt, in der sich Rose der Band aus einer selten gelesenen Perspektive nähert:

While I’m very impressed by the increased amount of coverage of all-female punk bands, most writing about all-male bands remains pretty male-centric and tends to ignore the contributions—behind the scenes or otherwise—of women, whereas magazine profiles of female pop stars frequently emphasize the agency of their male producers or song-writers.

The Clash had some really interesting creative relationships with women, like Pennie Smith, the photographer who took the picture on the cover of London Calling, and Caroline Coon, the music journalist who became their manager, and I haven’t seen those angles explored as much as I would like.

One Week // One Band ist großartiger Lesestoff, nehmt euch in den nächsten Tagen nichts vor!

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