NetNewsWire vs. Ecto

Posting to your weblog using a web browser is pretty cool (specially if you use MovableType with its very well designed interface), but for some postings a small and quick desktop app just makes more sense.

Though I like the interface of ecto, the problems ecto is having with text encoding (see this article by ecto’s author) are really annoying, specially if you consider that other desktop blog apps don’t seem to have the same problem.

Thanks once again to Tim for pointing out to me that NetNewsWire doesn’t only allow you to read RSS feeds but to post to your blog, too. Somehow I missed out on this all the while using NNW, maybe because it isn’t advertized as a main feature.

So I’m writing this in NNW.

Coming up next: Finally finding out how to moblog with my T630 and the TH-55.

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