New kid on the blog

The Berlin based, very nice, very english, very talented and sometimes very bearded artist formerly known as Craig Robinson (as a matter of fact, he was always known as Craig Robinson but I like the abbreviation TAFKACR) has started blogging. Yes, blogging, not bloggin‘.

As the creator of the wonderful world that is flipflopflyin.com, Craig, having finally gained access to the domain with a „g“ at the end (flipflopflying.com), decided to not just point the URL to his existing site but to do something completely different with it.

Which, of course, it probably won’t be unless you are someone who judges a book by its cover (which, coincidentally, I often am). Expect to see the subtle, heart warming humor and thoughtfulness of flipflopflyin on flipflopflying as well. Only with less drawings.

And expect Craig’s blog to be a very fine read if you understand english, for this man can write plus he doesn’t give a shit about what you think, as he proved with his long gone site „Mmmm, Kaiser’s, I love you“, where, resembling an early Underworld song in the title, Craig wrote about the experiences of a young englishman in one of Berlin’s supermarkets.

Nice move, Craig!

(Oh, and go and buy his book. It rocks.)

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  1. 01

    Ach, der Minipop, Craig! Kann mich noch erinnern, dass das Hurra groß war bei uns damals, als wir die Dinger auf die Seite (empty v) nahmen. Vermutlich hat er nie ne müde Mark dafür gesehen. Maybe he’s never seen a tired deutschmark for it.