God save these streets

Live und direkt aus NYC: Carlito, unser Mann an der Börse. Via Mail.

…so at this new gig I’m bombarded by financial news all day: on my computer, in the elevator, even in the bathroom, which is pretty entertaining. Since the dollar is getting the shit kicked out of it and a major NY bank just collapsed, you could say it’s been a good week for financial news. Today they had economists, directors of investment groups, guys like that all lined up one after the other to vent about the bumbling morons in the federal government who are supposed to be handling this. Except in much stronger language that only people who know finance can come up with. And I thought about the recent videos of Bush gaffes, and his garbled speeches telling us that it was all under control, and then my mp3 player shuffled to Mos Def, ‚Dollar Day‘ (about the Hurricane Katrina debacle), and realized that this time the chickens had really come home to roost. First they fucked up in Iraq, which is a long way away. Then they fucked up in Lousiana, which is closer, but still pretty far away from NYC. Now they’ve fucked up on WALL STREET for christ’s sake. We’ll all feel this one, no matter where we live.

Carlito (clinging to the 20 euro note left over from his last visit)

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    Yeah, right, of course it’s all „the governments“ fault, how could it possibly have anything to do with bankers, fund managers or analysts? Never, ever. Nothing to do with me, guv. It was them others.

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    hey, you expect those banks to bail THEMSELVES out? ;-)

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    Nah, they have no money left after paying quadrozillions of $/£/€ in bonuses to their brilliant analysts/directors/execs/whatevers. They have to be rewarded for the excellent work they’ve done after all.

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    And yet, strangely, that’s exactly what „the government“ is doing at this point. It reminds me of the bales of cash that disappeared into Iraq without a trace… http://www.vanityfair.com//politics/features/2007/10/iraq_billions200710?printable=true&currentPage=all

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    Ah, no, ah widnae bother wi that Google translator. We’re jist havin a wee blether aboot them banks.


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    Ja! Unbedingt!

    Das Internet sollte nur verstörten OberPrimaten (uups) zugänglich sein.
    Der allerletzte Rest wischt den Produzierten Mist für ’nen Euro auf… :-(