Flowchart: Hey Jude

Made by loveallthis.


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    Hey joe, this is a german website, ya douche

  2. 02

    Ok somethin must be wrong with me>? I know the song.. but I don’t understand the meaning or purpose of teh flow chart~ :)

  3. 03

    English is just a fucking bastard of a proper germanic language like ehm German!

    Der erste, der einen Inzestwitz über einen Inselaffen ablässt, bekommt von mir ein Eis, oder so.

  4. 04

    It was not that great until the last part which made it all worthwhile. LOL

  5. 05

    get a real language, germany


  6. 06

    I love the original by Beatles and it makes it so much moe fun now!

  7. 07

    I love the flowchart and the Beatles. It works perfectly. I think this would be a cool way to compose songs.

    As for Joe, English was born from German…have a little respect my friend. The English language would never have existed if not for the German language. By the way, since you’re talking about the ‚king‘ or languages…the word ‚king‘ came directly to the English language from German. The original word is ‚Konig‘ and it established the concept of royalty for the entire western world.

    Joe, please educate yourself and please, please, please stop making us Americans look like fools! My advice is to CLOSE your mouth and OPEN a book. :)

  8. 08

    The „Hey Jude“ Flowchart made me smile :)

  9. 09

    This chart isn’t even right. It needs a line from „to make it better“ back to the top and „the minute you let her under your skin“ doesn’t appear…

  10. 10

    Joe is an ass munch…..probably couldn“t figure this out heh! I thought it was pretty damn cool……from the gulf coast watching hurricane Ida haha!

  11. 11

    Ey, warum wurde mein Eintrag nicht geposted? Ich war der erste Deutsche über stumbleupon hier und hätte als 2. schon contra geben können, da ich das Potential dieses Sprachkriegs sofort erkannte.

    Berliner Flaschen Ihr!

    Whoever read that and didn’t understand it is a proper moron!

    Go Germany:)

  12. 12

    @Superhans: Der Artikel hatte in den letzten Tagen so heftige Zugriffe, dass wir ihn „statisch“ geschaltet haben, Kommentare kamen also eine Weile lang nicht durch. jetzt hat es sich etwas gelegt, daher erscheinen jetzt auch die Kommentare wieder.

  13. 13

    Modern Standard German and Modern English have common ancestors, and developed concurrently.

    Neither is older than the other.

    Its like when people say humans evolved from monkeys. That’s not true. Both monkeys and humans evolved from a common ancestor.

  14. 14

    this is inaccurate. completely inaccurate.

  15. 15
    mein anus (hahaha)

    i love stumbleupon.com
    just thought i’d throw that out here.

  16. 16

    Yeah, stumbleupon is awesome… :)

  17. 17

    You forgot the bit where Paul says very clearly „Oh Fucking Hell“ at 2 mins 48 sexonds

    HTH ;-)

  18. 18

    Its sorta cute but its missing the ‚and anytime you feel the pain, hey jude refrain. dont carry the world upon your shoulders.

    and while you know that its a fool, who plays it cool. by making his world a little co-lder. nu nu nun u nu nunununu.‘

    so yea.

    part from that its cute

  19. 19

    English is a member of the Germanic languages, however it is not based on current German, its a family of languages. It most closely resembles Frisian, another Germanic language, still used in Frisland, Nederlands.
    Other Germanic languages include Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Faroes, Afrikaans. They all have roots in proto-germanic languages.

    To the dipsticks ragging on the Nazi’s, lets not forget the subjugation of S. Afrikaans by the English, the 1st Nations by the ‚americans‘, the central americans by the spanish. Every nation has its lovely history of violence. Too bad the Italians (romans) didn’t last longer we would all be speaking latin like E Pluribus Unum…..lol

  20. 20

    See this flowchart set to music .


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