Nick Cave

Das neue Doppelalbum von Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ist ein ziemlicher Hammer und somit sehr empfehlenswert. Bitte kaufen. Bitte nicht bei Karstadt.

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  1. 01

    i just kaufed it. if you’re wrong (just ignore me if my german is so bad that i misunderstood this as a positive review), i’m coming ot get you and your kids, bitch!

  2. 02

    Very well zen! Zis iz how I like my komments, in true Nick Cave style!

  3. 03

    after a couple of listens, it seems your children are safe!
    btw, in case you didn’t see it, there’s a big Clash article in Mojo this month. it’s got a CD with it with one unreleased Strummer song and songs chosen by Mick, Paul and Ringo.

  4. 04

    I need to buy it urgently, yes! I’m curious about Ringo’s choices…